No more waiting in line for appointments to take your class E florida driver's license! Jax Driving School is an official 3rd party administrator and testing center authorized by the state to administer the class E knowledge exam and skills test.

Traffic School

Facing a fine for speeding or any other traffic violation? Applying for a learner's permit? Turn to    Jax Driving School in Jacksonville fl, for your education classes on safe vehicle operation. In addition to driving lessons and instruction, we also offer affordable solutions to driver's education. Contact us now at. (904) 554-7047 to register for one of our traffic school classes.

Spanish Instructor and English Instructor Are Available

Traffic School Superiority

Stop by Jax Driving School today and inquire about the right class to take for your specific situation. Education has never been easier or more enjoyable than with us, as we strive to make your long class seem as short as possible. Our traffic business operates under the same hours as our driving school.

Bilingual Instruction
Speak little to no English? Jax Driving School staffs bilingual instructors for your convenience.
You don't have to worry about not being able to understand your teacher.

Classroom Courses:

Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement
Florida (D.A.T.A.) First-Time Driver Course
Florida Mature Driver Program
Florida 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement.
  Florida 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement.
  We also provide the 3 n 3 driver change course.