No more waiting in line for appointments to take your class E florida driver's license! Jax Driving School is an official 3rd party administrator and testing center authorized by the state to administer the class E knowledge exam and skills test.

21 Hours   $850.00

Students will be taught how to

Student will be informed of the need to change oil and frequency of changes.

Show students outside lights and turn signals and emergency flashes.

Show students the location of the spare tire and how to change a tire.

Review amber and red lights and gauges on the dashboard along with significance of each.

Demonstrate location of blind spots.

Starting the car: adjust seat, adjust mirror, check fuel level, visual check of tires, release parking brakes, lock all doors.

Review gears available, gear shift lever and how to shift gears.

Show student the proper place stop at stop signal and traffic lights.

Show students minimum distance between their car and the lead car at stop signs, traffic lights and in heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The students will be taught how to make right and left turns, when at signal, and which lane to enter as turn is completed.

Demonstrate how to pull car off the road and re-enter particular emphasis is given to controlling the car  and re-entry from a deep rut alongside the pavement.

Demonstrate hand-over-hand steering.

Practice turns, starts, and stops in light traffic.

As movement is made to heavier traffic emphasis is placed on lane changes, reading traffic lights and conditions, defensive driving skills, anticipating hazards.

When the student is ready, the interstate highway system is introduced with emphasis on safe entry, lane changing, merging and defensive driving skills.

Experience will also be provided on two lane highways.

The students will be introduced to the skills needed to pass the road test.

Practice road tests will be provided.

50 Hours  $2,150.00

 The 21 Hour program will be presented in its entirety and...

 Parallel Parking instruction.

 Extensive night driving experience will be provided.

 Planned trip. The student will plan a trip including specific roadways to be
taken and destination of at least 100 miles and return home.

 The student will drive them multi-story parking garages in the downtown area.

 The student will drive extensively in downtown Jacksonville with specific instruction in one way streets.

 A morning or late afternoon drive that includes rush hour traffic or heavily travelled streets will be provided.

 Students will drive to locations he/she is likely to go to on a regular basis (school, job, doctor, church, relative, home, ect.)

 Use of a car for a road test.

 Extensive practice in preparing for a road test.

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